Lemi Ghariokwu is a self-taught Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator with a career spanning over 40 years of work.

Known for his versatility and biting sociopolitical commentary, Lemi shot to prominence as the result of a unique long-term partnership with the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, for whom he designed 26 album covers.

He went on to design over 2000 album covers for 100 more artists across the globe including Bob Marley, Miriam Makeba, Osita Osadebe, James Iroha, Lucky Dube, Kris Okotie and Gilles Peterson.

While his primary mediums are acrylic paint, pen on paper, and mixed media, Lemi is an accomplished digital artist whose graphic design ethos is obvious in his more contemporary, abstract pieces.

Born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria, Lemi is a conscious Pan-Africanist who views artistic expression as a liberating force and a tool of hope for social re-engineering.┬áLemi’s art has been described as political, sensual, and revolutionary.

Black-and-white image of Lemi Ghariokwu smiling while holding a paint brush