The world is constantly evolving, what was new yesterday can become obsolete in the twinkle of an eye. There is just no chill. I have learned that to stay relevant you also have to evolve, you cannot be stuck in archaic ways and expect the world to come back to you. You need to evolve, however, you cannot afford to lose yourself because you are trying to evolve and keep up with the world. You need strong personal values that would guide your choices. I learned digital art. I also learned to “digitalize” my art but in all these, I did not lose my style. You can still have control over your life in this fast evolving world. All you need to do is know thyself.

You need to learn to understand when the old ways are relevant and when the new ways are. The combination of both is rare but outstanding. The basics never really change, you just need to find the right balance. Your foundation must be strong enough to withstand the type of building you want to erect on it. The foundation for a sky scraper defers from that of a bungalow but there is always a need for the foundation. Your principles, style, personality, lessons from experiences and many more wisdom pointers determine that.

By the way, the world has evolved into a digital communication world and I am now a part of it. I have been on Facebook but I recently joined twitter and Instagram. So follow me, my handle for both accounts is @lemighariokwu

Strike a balance and stay true to thyself.


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