I found this post based on one of the interviews I once had and it totally reflects my idea of revolution and evolution. It also goes a long way to tell my story of evolution in the art world and in the world generally:

It is the spirit of the Age, a reflection of the times in which we live. « The revolution is on holiday right now. Evolution has really taken over, » Lemi declares. His tone is one of realism, not regret.
The Art of ‘muted’ in the Age of Merry Art of course has imitated life. « These days art too has gone minimalist… it’s the age of Merry we are in, all the youth are talking about boobs [and] bling… » He is well aware of the difference between his old and current work. « It’s commercial art now, but in minimalist form just to have a freshness [to] it, » he explains. The creations of this new phase are « political in a subtle way, [they are] not aggressive like these ones » – by which of course he means the album covers, a selection of which line the walls of the studio.

If these were the old days, he says, his Obama images would have contained scenes of riots in America, and of slogans like « Niggaz with Attitude, » not the ones that he has now produced, work that will not look out of place hanging in offices and banking halls. But no one should be deceived into thinking the ‘politics’ and the angry energy have fizzled away. Only the style and the medium have changed. In a sense, therefore, this evolution is no more than a devolution.

I believe that to remain relevant, you must evolve but beware what you evolve into. Never lose yourself.



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