There is nothing as amazing as being of value to people and the world, in a way that is not selfish but out of love. Value is a strong force that has a ripple effect. Whatever talent, what ever gift, what ever skill you have, use it to add value, whether or not you are making money, make sure, you make impact too.

Fela Kuti, although, his ways may have been  radical, he was a man of value. You come in contact with Fela, you must leave with something, a thought,  an emotion, a feeling to do more, something. People who knew Fela, can attest to this. When I see people talk about Fela, I see that glint in their eyes and I just throw my hands up and say “Fela, where are you o? Come and See”. Value should be the driving force behind anything you do. Value first, then everything else. Value makes you push to deliver your best and push boundaries on what you currently define as your best, so that tomorrow, it can be better. Be conscious of the power of value. It would bring everything else and give your success a great foundation to stand on.

Offer Value, Add Value.



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